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The Neuroscience Club

at UofSC


Professional Development

We provide many opportunities for our members to develop personally and professionally.


We are dedicated to outreach and promoting opportunities for neuroscience education.

Community Service

We participate in different community service activities throughout the year.


Members can connect with and learn from faculty members, graduate students, and other professionals.


Our Mission

The Neuroscience Club is a group founded to foster a shared passion for learning about the brain. Open to every student regardless of their major, our purpose is to increase engagement and education of neuroscience by exposing students to the neuroscience research being conducted on campus. Furthermore, we aim to showcase diverse career opportunities in the interdisciplinary field of neuroscience. We intend to increase knowledge of the brain and bring awareness to mental health and brain disorders and diseases through community service.


neuroSC is a 15 week volunteer-taught online course for high school students. Course topics range from basic brain anatomy to artificial intelligence.

Brain Bee

Since 1999, the International Brain Bee has been the world's only competition that tests all things related to the brain for high school students. Now, South Carolina has its own regional competition.

Brain Awareness